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Universal and Polymer-specific Masterbatch

Our masterbatch is either universal, which means it is compatible with a range of polymer carriers, or it is polymer specific. This means it is made to complement ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, PBT, PET, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and styrene.

We do liquid colouring, powder colouring and we can take care of the engineering of plastics. Our team assists you in deciding which product is ideal for your needs, so we can determine a package which will suit you both in terms of price and effectiveness.

Colour Matching: The Perfect Hue for You

Please note that our solutions include a colour matching service. We will find the ideal hue or shade for your product. Get in touch with a consultant today for a range of pigmentation options and for expert assistance.


Powder Pigments

The selection of a specific pigment for a particular application is determined by the cost and the properties of the pigment. Pigments can be suitable according to a variety or special attributes, such as it being food approved; its heat stability, light fastness and sensitivity to ultraviolet light; the way the colour is dispersed; and the opacity or transparency required for the end product.

Powder pigment blends can offer superior performance in specific applications, and is also an economic solution for long-term production.

Engineering Plastics

Engineered polymers are plastics with exceptional properties which result in durable products with good rigidity and low expectancy of warpage. This makes them ideal for manufacturing products which need to maintain structural integrity, such as electronics and auto parts. We provide engineering for ABS, acetal, nylon, PBT, PET, polycarbonate and polyurethane.

Mortz colours a wide range of engineering plastics and we strive to offer state-of-the-art technology, so we can ensure masterbatch which can endure even the most challenging circumstances.

Let’s Find Your Solution

Our technical team will assess which pigmentation process is the most viable one for your product, and from there we will determine criteria and calculate a package that meets all the needs of your production process.